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KWCRPCC Meetings:


Next Meeting: Wednesday, September 18, 2018


What Else Do You Collect? That’s the theme and the challenge for Tuesday September 18 when KWCRPCC opens the fall season 3 days early. Many of us have dandy post card collections but sitting on other shelves or in other drawers or closets or rooms are our second-favorite collections. Vintage model trains? Bring a few along! Famous movie posters? Bring a few along! Depression glass? Bring some along? Historic license plates? Bring some along! Airline sickness bags? Bring some along (unused)! Antique locks? You’ve got the drift, bring a few along! Share your other collecting urges with other attendees. If you can somehow connect that collection to post cards, hey, all the better! Also bring along your $20 2019 membership fee.


Victoria Park Pavilion – 80 Schneider Avenue, Kitchener

Doors open at 6:30.  Presentation starts at 7:30.


Upcoming Meetings:


Wednesday, November 14, 2018

One month and 11 days early, KWCR PCC is celebrating Christmas. There will be no reindeer prancing in the hall,no Santa down the flue, no little urchins peeking around the newel post but there will be Tom Reitz with part of his massive collection of Real Photo Christmas Post Cards. Tom began collecting glass Christmas ornaments more than 30 years ago but his passion lately has become those RPPCs that show home, church, school an business interiors at Christmas-time. Drawing upon his knowledge about aterial culture and history that he gained as curator at the Waterloo Region Museum, Tom is in the process of cataloguing his growing collection. More than 600 postcards — Christmas trees, decorations, scenes, gifts, room settings and furniture — will be eventually assembled, categorized, classified and make up a valuable research tool for anyone interested in Christmases past. On November 14, using his collection, Tom will share how people celebrated the Christmas season from about 1905 to 1930, along with information about Real Photo Post Cards. Bring along any such cards you own to make Tom envious!!!



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